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Mission Statement

The Village Pride Committee consists of civic-minded volunteers working to enhance the quality of life in Cherokee Village through a variety of beautification and improvement projects. The financial resources for these projects are provided by individuals, businesses, and civic organizations which exist within the city of Cherokee Village. However, efforts to promote Village Pride and to improve the overall appearance of our city requires the work of all its residents and not just this committee. Thus, a unified and concerted endeavor for improvement by all citizens of the city are necessary to insure the Village Pride Committee successfully accomplishes its goals.

Village Pride Committee 2007

Russ Stokes, Chairman            John Ziegen, Secy.      W.R. (Bill) Curzon, Treas.

Marty Betz            Petr Oberding            Ralph Neill       Bob Funke        Frank Stokes

Tom Thone          Marvin Paulson         Phyllis Macry         Jerry Adams

           Jack Soden           Donna Warner          Marlyn Kagay   Bob Niemi